Viva la Categoria

As you all know, award shows needs categories for people to be nominated in. These are the 11 categories we have so far...

The Desira Award~ A desirable young female. Say, a stardoll role model.

The Desiro Award~ A desirable young male, a stardoll role model.

The Conspicuous Accomplishment award~ Outstanding achievements. Mind-blowing projects.

The Candied Curdle Award~ A sweet yet sour Stardoll member.

The Interrogative Rodent Award~ A famewhore or someone who really annoys oneself.

The Stiff Alsatian Award~ The award for an unsociable member.

Starkest Costumer~ Edgy stardesigner with great talent.

The Tolerable Etiquette Award~ A sensible member. Never questioned or doubted.

The AKOE Award~ The Abbie Knowles Outstanding Excellence Award. Overall dedicated award to a Stardoll Member.

The KDSS Award~ The Kimberly Dean Surprising Salutation Award. An all round lovely person who is very welcoming. Also deserves recognition for their work and/or experience.

La Rogue Award~ The award for being an all round achiever or for just being awesome!

Note; both the AKOE award and the KDSS award are definetly in the awards show, except we choose the nominees as they are our very own dedication.