Sunday, 24 April 2011

And times go on...

Today I created a new banner for the blog as we've highly abandoned this blog. The first ceremony was proposed to be held in March but with both mine, and Kim's busy lives, we haven't had a great deal of free time to work on it. We're going to stay committed and try our best to get these awards started by May.

You can see the categories in the tab above and you can begin thinking of who you may want to nominate. On this not we would like to announce that we're looking for another team member. This member will basically be our technology nerd. Kim an I fail at using the software in which you can nominate so we need somebody who can maintain it- I think the software is something like PollDaddy.

There's only really me and Kim working this but we don't want a  heap of people contributing,  we want it to be a friendly environment and society. We want to create this experience mainly around you followers and supporters and so we would kindly accept suggestions for the blog. Shall we make post banners for me and Kim? That sort of thing.

Finally we actually would like you to comment. We may not have many followers but please, be supportive.

Abbie xox